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Dorota Rabczewska
Musician | Age 33
Birthdate: February 15, 1984
Birthplace: Ciechanów, Poland
Zodiac: Aquarius

Dorota Rabczewska (born February 15, 1984), known as Doda, is a Polish musical artist, among the most successful Polish artists in terms of number of prizes won. She is the MTV Europe Music Awards winner and the World Music Awards nominee. Doda is notable for her innovative and controversial performances and music videos. She was first known as a member of the Polish rock band Virgin. After the group disbanded in 2007 she continued with a solo career, releasing two platinum albums: Diamond Bitch (2007) and 7 pokus głównych (2011). In 2016, Virgin announced their reunion. In 2008, Doda was featured on CNN's list of 10 Most Famous Poles in history. In 2011, Polish magazine Viva! put her among 10 Most Influential Women in Poland. She was also included on the list of 50 Best Polish Female Vocalists compiled by Machina magazine, and on the list of 100 Most Influential Poles compiled by Wprost magazine. She was the only female musician to be included on that list. Wikipedia